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save-time-on-document-controlIf you’re not happy with the amount of time and effort you spend on doing (manual) document control work, you probably already recognize you could use some help. With that in mind, here are 5 signs that it’s time for a document control upgrade and what DocBoss does to help.

1. You tag your products and work with a bill of materials (BOM) or vendor document requirements list (VDRL).

If you tag your products, work with a BOM or VDRL supplied by your customers, DocBoss was designed with you in mind. DocBoss uniquely leverages project information from a BOM to build a perfectly complete document register. Then we maintain and update it while you work.

2.Tracking document revisions is difficult to manage.

If you use Microsoft Excel or some other non-document control specific app, tracking revisions of documents, figuring out what document is the most recent and even understanding who made the change(s) can be very difficult if not impossible. With DocBoss you can track individual document history and revert to previous versions when necessary. And you decide who has access to make changes to each project.

3. You often work with custom templates provided by your customers.

No problem, if you use DocBoss that is. DocBoss enables you to use customer-provided templates for cover pages, transmittals and document registers (SDI). Cover pages are populated automatically and added to every PDF document. Databook layouts can be saved and used on multiple projects.

4. Keeping track of documents and projects in real time is virtually impossible.

How many documents have you submitted this month? What is the average turnaround time for your team? Which users are the most up to date? DocBoss helps you keep track of project-specific data in addition to user-specific data and KPIs. You’ll always know which of your projects are falling behind so you can take corrective action.

5. Providing custom databooks to customers at the end of each project is time-consuming and frustrating.

This is usually the big one for many document controllers. The task that everyone procrastinates over at the end of each project…providing custom databooks to your customers. DocBoss enables you to drag, drop and auto-build databooks to your customers’ requirements every time complete with bookmarks, hyperlinks, table of contents and more.