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Add A Stamp To DocumentsIn some cases, customers require that stamps are placed directly onto the document, rather than the addition of a cover page. DocBoss enables users to upload stamp templates, and stamp documents.

The same variables as used on cover pages can be used in stamp templates.

Upload stamp template to administration area

Stamp templates are uploaded to the templates area (the same place other templates are located). in the admin/Template management area.

  1. Choose the new “stamp” option.
  2. Define the default size of the stamp.

NOTE: On submission, DocBoss will notify the user if the data filled stamp will occupy a larger space than the default size. This can occur if a field has “auto height” to accommodate variable tag lists.

Select stamp template on project

A new option is available in the output settings area of the main project setup. To use a stamp on a project, you must select the stamp here.

Want to learn more about DocBoss stamp functionality? Check out the full release notes when these features were added for all DocBoss customers.