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You can add markups to the files when you upload them to DocBoss. These consist of annotations (the vector drawing) and comment.


  1. Turn viewer on
  2. Markups are only available in the full viewer
  3. Click the box to enable the markup interface
  4. Click and drag on the document to create the annotation. Note that the box is the only annotation style available. The color is specific for each user. The color is designated on the user profile.
  5. Enter a comment if desired.
  6. To save your comment, click the checkbox. To delete the entire annotation, click the garbage can. To simply escape without a comment (but leave the annotation) click the x.


Screens which support markups

The assign screen, the assign pop up, and the outstanding actions interface all support annotations.



Viewing markups

Users can cycle through comments from other users.

  1. Icon showing the number of comments on this version of the document
  2. Cycle through markups/comments
  3. User/timestamp of markup
  4. Edit comment / delete markup. To remove comment only – edit, delete text and save.
  5. The highlighted annotation is related to the viewed markup. The number and the size of the number box help indicate the relevant annotation.

Summary of Markups

To include a Summary page of all markups made in DocBoss you will need to enable this feature on the Main page of your project.


  1. Check the box to Add comments page to document on submittal
  2. Choose the position of the comments page. Options are to include After the cover page, at the End of the PDF or at the Front (before the cover page)

Upon submittal of the document, the summary page will be added.

The summary page will look similar to this:Snag_24bf6ca8.png

Include markups in compilations

For the Compilation, you have the option to Include Markups (only) or Include Markups and the Comments Page. By default it will not include either. You will not see the Add Comments Page option unless the Include Markups is checked.


For more information on Markups, watch the short video below for a full explanation.

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