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paper stackSupplier documentation is a huge component of industrial projects. Single suppliers can be required to submit hundreds or even thousands of documents for a single order which must be individually approved by the customer. Drawings, testing, certifications, calibrations, material reports etc.

Suppliers struggle to manage documentation. Every piece must be separately tracked (submission date/number/approval level), must have meta-data added in the form of a front sheet (as part of the document itself), named and numbered. Each engineering company has different front sheet templates, and formatting requirements. At the end, compilations of documents must be prepared and submitted.

And the engineering company holds back payment until it is completed. This is typically 5-10% of the entire job value.

DocBoss solves this problem. Using two existing data sets, we compile the list of required documents. (supplier bill of materials, and engineering company list of document codes). This systematic approach provides us with all required meta-data sources. We then bring PDF processing capabilities to prepare docs for submittal. Of course, document tracking and reporting is also managed. Finally, we automate the compilations. We are the only solution that can deliver to these suppliers.