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The point of document control is to make the creation of all documents and everything that goes into it an easier process for everyone involved.

This is what makes an automatic method of routing, reviewing, and approving all documents important.

The system will route the document through review with the relevant employees and ensure that final approval is received on all documents before use and distribution.

Automate your processes

This is one of the main takeaways in Quality Magazine’s article The Benefits of Automating Your Document Control Process which explains the growing importance of the document control function for many businesses. This quote is specifically used to explain the importance of routing, reviewing and approving documents which many non-specific document control applications don’t do.

As the article states:

the amount of data flowing throughout the organization requires an effective method for managing all of this data.

So while documentation grows in importance and size, the question of how to actually handle this growth remains unanswered for many companies.

Reporting is another issue that is covered in the article and in particular as it relates to keeping track of due dates:

Employees need to know which documents are overdue so they can take steps to fix this. Reporting provides this visibility. Document control integrated with reporting helps keep business processes consistent, controlled and collaborative.

With DocBoss, routing, reviewing and approval of documents comes standard and is one of the main benefits offered. You can route rejected documents to the correct person for corrective action so it can be sent back for approval.

With regards to reporting, DocBoss includes full reporting features that enable you to understand where each document is in the process, which projects are on time and which are falling behind. For more specific information on DocBoss and what if offers, click here.