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Manage Native Files in DocBossManage Native Files in DocBoss

Here at DocBoss, we have been so focused on managing pdf files, that we haven’t really solved the request to manage native file formats – until now of course.

Our love of blobs has caught up to us. Native file (or Binary Large OBbjects – BLOBs) support in  DocBoss now means that you can upload any type of file (DWG, XLS, etc..) and it will proceed using the same work flow as your cherished PDF’s. Of course – there are some variations.

While DocBoss continues to create PDF front sheets for native files, and includes them in the customer submittal packages. Obviously a PDF can’t be attached to a non-pdf file, so at the bottom of the front sheet, you’ll see a reference to the native file name.

Also in the databooks, native files have an asterisk (not an Asterix – despite my initial spelling) beside their entry in the table of contents, and a corresponding reference sheet inside the book (which again references the native file name).

Now you can have your blob, and uh, include it too.