Card State Status Within DocBoss

Cards are an important aspect of DocBoss that document controllers will become familiar with.

If you’d like to learn more about Cards and what they mean in DocBoss, click here to learn about the topic in detail.

DocBoss maintains a state for every locked card. Cards become locked if ANY of the following actions have been performed:

  • The card has been submitted to the customer (tracked separately also)
  • A system generated INDEX has been submitted to the customer
  • A user has manually locked the cards by clicking on the lock icon beside the project name

Below is a list of the default values. This list is configurable by going to the setup / card state grid on the project, you can also set state values on the Companies.

NOTE: The description column defines specific system actions/occurrences. They are not editable. The state value column is editable. Also you MAY use the same state for multiple lines if you do not want to track the distinction.

Within the project: 


Within the Companies profile:



Below is a description of the actions required to move a card into any of the states you see above.

Statuses related to VOID:

  • Default C (for Cancelled)
    • The card was required.
    • Then card was locked (but NOT submitted).
    • Then card changed to not required.
  • Default V (for Void)
    • Card was required
    • Card was locked (AND submitted to customer)
    • Then card changed to not required

Statuses related to SUPERSEDE or MERGE then VOID:

  • Default SC (for Superseded and Cancelled):
    • Document is required
    • Card is locked (but NOT submitted to customer)
    • Card was merged into another card
  • Default S (for Superseded):
    • Document is required
    • Card is locked (AND was submitted to customer)
    • Card was merged into another card


  • Default A (for Active)
    • The card is required for the project and does not meet any of the other conditions.
    • Can be locked or unlocked
  • Default Z:
    • Card is not required 
    • Card is not locked

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