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This article will explain how to change the stage list from the assign screen within DocBoss.

The assign slide-in show several pieces of information related to the stage list.

  1. The name of the stage list
  2. The option to edit the stage list directly
  3. Box for each stage, with the abbreviation and target. If you scroll over, more detail will appear.

When you click EDIT:

  1. This marker identifies the current stage. If you want to change the stage, move this.
  2. Edit the details of the stage
  3. The stage library (available in admin>stages>library) is a list of pre-defined stages you can drag into your existing stage list.
  4. the three dots allow you to change the order of the stages.
  5. the user can add a NEW stage y clicking this button
  6. Action – choose whether you want to apply these stage ONLY to this one card, or apply the changes to other cards. Note that the other cards must have the same original stage list, and be in the same current stage.

Example after changes:

  1. Added IAB as a new stage (from stage library or created a new stage entirely)

After clicking Apply edit to multiple cards we display all cards to which you can apply the changes.


And on the cards assign interface, the system now shows all three stages:


Want to learn more about stages in DocBoss? Check out this article called What Is A Stage In DocBoss? that takes a step back and discusses the concept of stages inside DocBoss