Copy a Card (Create Copy) or Create a New SheetThis article discusses how to create a copy of a card or create a new sheet during a project. We’ll discuss both instances below with several screenshots to illustrate the work.

Create Copy

Copying a card is useful when you require an exact duplicate of a card i.e. the second card should be linked to exactly the same set of tags and codes, its is just a different file. An example might be a procedure card.



i.e. On the Card List you can click the “Create Copy” in the tools list.


Create Sheet


This is really designed when you have a drawing, but have multiple pages related to one piece of equipment. It will increment a sheet number in DocBoss (and give it a separate doc number, but keep it connected to the same equipment/tags.



*Note: If you need to send different documents applicable to different tags you can either set the correct LEVEL, or, if only a few cards are impacted, you can SPLIT the card (and assign specific units to each card). Click here to read the complete article.

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