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If welding constitutes part of your EPC projects, you probably work regularly with welding certificates and welding procedures that need to be documented.

Let’s take a look at how to create a non-destructive examination (NDE) log while also generating quality packages for your EPC customers.

Project Template

Create “NDE log” as an Additional Data Type.

Add columns

  • Drawing Number
  • Weld ID
  • *Test Type (MPI, Visual, Radiographic)
  • Test / Certificate number
  • Sub-Supplier (Fabricator)
  • COMBO level: Drawing Number + Weld ID
  • Enable Tag Number field to link to your equipment

* Note: It may be better to create a separate data type for EACH NDE type. i.e. NDE – MPI; NDE-Visual etc.. In that case, you do not need the NDE type field. This option makes the data management easier, and reduces potential confusion of uploading users.

Equipment List > NDE log grid

Upload data.

Note: You should NOT have to type out all of this data form the NDE reports. You can of course, but the entire log should be available from your testing company in Microsoft Excel.

Code List

Ensure a line exists in your code list for EACH TYPE of test. You can duplicate codes, or add your own code i.e. ZZ1: MPI tests.

  • *Set LEVEL to NDE log: Test/Certificate Number
  • Set Type to Generated Sub-supplier
  • Set Stage List to “Hide cards from customer”
  • *Set Query to match the type of test. i.e. If MPI tests, then set query for TYPE=MPI

*If you choose to create a separate additional data type for each type of NDE test, you will simply choose the test/certificate number for the grid. You do NOT need the query step.

ALSO: Ensure you have a code for “Quality Packages”.

  • Set LEVEL to “Tag”
  • Set Type to Compilation
  • Stage list can be default

Incoming Documents

Upload documents. If the file names from your supplier match the values entered in “Test / Certificate Number”, you can bulk load the tests. Hint: You should require that your suppliers provide the tests in this format.


Create a compilation called “Quality Package”

Add the codes for all tests.

Edit the Bookmark TOC pattern to <DocCode>: <test_list> for Dwg/Welds <combo dwg+weldID_list>

Link compilation to the compilation code on code list, and generate.

Note: Add weld certs/weld procedures for each tag if you include the codes for each. 

See here to set up weld logs to learn more about how DocBoss handles welding and related procedures.