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7 Excel Skills You Need For Document Control

Do you use Microsoft Excel for your document control work? If you spend a bit of time learning the functions below, you’ll be SO MUCH FASTER at making the changes you want. 

Here are tips for document control pros to use Excel better.

Easy (10 minutes total to search/read/practice):  

  • Moving to the end of a column or row with CTRL-arrow  
  • CTRL-C and CTRL-V (and CTRL-ALT-V to paste without formatting) 
  • Highlight all (CTRL-A) and double click between column headers to auto-size all 

A bit more involved (20 minutes total to lookup and learn)  

  • Remove duplicates 
  • vlookup 
  • Some other formulas: if, left/mid, search 

Seems complicated, but really isn’t (hmm – 25 minutes?) 

  • Create a pivot table 

So about 1 hour of learning. You will be shocked how many times you use them.

Note: It’s shocking how many executives can’t make a pivot table. You will impress. I guarantee it. 

Good luck! 

Note: In DocBoss you’ll probably touch Microsoft Excel when you: 

  • Get equipment list from somewhere, and get it ready to upload  
  • Download cards, add information, then re-upload them (like adding document numbers) 
  • Run a report, and fancy it up (or trim it down).  

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