7 Excel Skills You Need For Document Control

Do you use Microsoft Excel for your document control work? If you spend a bit of time learning the functions below, you’ll be SO MUCH FASTER at making the changes you want. 

Easy (10 minutes total to search/read/practice):  

  • Moving to the end of a column or row with CTRL-arrow  
  • CTRL-C and CTRL-V (and CTRL-ALT-V to paste without formatting) 
  • Highlight all (CTRL-A) and double click between column headers to auto-size all 

A bit more involved (20 minutes total to lookup and learn)  

  • Remove duplicates 
  • vlookup 
  • Some other formulas: if, left/mid, search 

Seems complicated, but really isn’t (hmm – 25 minutes?) 

  • Create a pivot table 

So about 1 hour of learning. You will be shocked how many times you use them.

Note: It’s shocking how many executives can’t make a pivot table. You will impress. I guarantee it. 

Good luck! 

Note: In DocBoss you’ll probably touch Microsoft Excel when you: 

  • Get equipment list from somewhere, and get it ready to upload  
  • Download cards, add information, then re-upload them (like adding document numbers) 
  • Run a report, and fancy it up (or trim it down).  

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