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Most EPCs track submittals on spreadsheets, just like vendors do!

DocBoss really delivers when it comes to packaging and tracking documents, approvals and internal lists. But most importantly, what happens when the documents come back? You still need to track the next steps.

In that in mind, here are 5 ways DocBoss helps EPC manage submittals to their project owners.

  1. Templates – DocBoss reduces not only time spent but also the human error aspect of much of document processing. Rather than copying and pasting information on to cover pages or transmittals, DocBoss automatically populates each cover page and transmittal with information already entered in DocBoss. Giving each submittal a professional and consistent appearance, with minimal effort from the sender!
  2. Document Indexes – Using templates and variables, DocBoss can build document index/schedules with ease. Once the template has been created, you can send updated Document Indexes out with the click of a mouse. No more Excel spreadsheets to maintain!
  3. Document Auto-numbering – DocBoss can use pre-set variables to build yours and your customer’s document numbers for you. Using DocBoss variables means you no longer need to manually build up document numbers and avoid the very real possibility of duplicating document numbers.
  4. Turnover packages – The ability to build your turnover packages in the format outlined by your customer easily and consistently.
  5. Track all documents – Effortlessly track all incoming and outgoing documents, whether it be to and from your customer, internal submittals, 3rd party submittals and sub-suppliers.

These are some just of the benefits that DocBoss offers to EPCs.

If you’d like to learn more, drop us a line and let us know your document control pain points and what you’d like to do better.