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DocBoss Workflow - Making And Receiving TransmittalsDocBoss allows you to define a larger workflow for each document code. Maybe drawings must be issued as IFA, then IFC, then As-Built – BUT, what about calibration certificates? Surely those are only issued as IFR or IFI.

DocBoss allows you to assign a default workflow to each type of document (code). Once a document has been approved by the customer (i.e. code 1), DocBoss will bump the stage, and wait for the register to be re-filled with the IFC document.

Also, maybe you need an intermediate stage to ensure the approved document is returned to the vendor to start manufacturing. All part of stage workflow in DocBoss.

Below, you’ll see a table highlighting Workflow benefits of DocBoss compared to other common apps and methods that people use for document control.

DocBoss workflow features compared

You can view the complete comparison of DocBoss versus other apps on our website.

Also, here’s a short minute describing more about DocBoss workflow and status routing and transmittals.