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DocBoss brings teams closer together

If you’re an equipment supplier who has multiple locations – whether in the same country or throughout the world – you probably already know the frustrations of managing documents across multiple offices and maybe even countries and timezones.

This is especially true if you use Microsoft Excel or some other non-document control specific process that gives you little to no ability to limit who has access to make changes to documents and little to no tracking abilities that cause you to wonder who made changes to documents and how to determine the most recent version of a particular document.

When you add in the issue of having multiple locations you not only increase the difficulty of managing and controlling documents with this sort of manual process, you also increase the costs and time involved in rolling out a software application to help you deal with it.

Specifically, when you rollout a server-based application you tend to pay for every seat and often need to roll it out over time increasing the costs, time involved and scope of the project. You also often have to deal with technology constraints that certain offices might experience in terms of not having the resources to maintain and upgrade the new application over time.

With DocBoss being a web-based application, there is no sunk cost, nothing to download or maintain since we do that for you and no need to schedule a slow, managed rollout since all your staff can begin using DocBoss as soon as they’re trained. All they need is a browser and Internet connection.

And of course, all the issues referred to above – the controlling of documents, limiting and monitoring who makes changes to documents and the ability to manage document revisions – are all standard features of DocBoss that makes handling them a piece of cake.

If you visit the DocBoss homepage you can see a select list of our clients including many who also have multiple locations who are already benefitting from using DocBoss for these reasons and more.