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When setting up a project, a great deal of time is often spent building your document register and updating and maintaining it as the project progresses. DocBoss is unique in the way it builds your document register. No longer do you type each document by hand and no longer must you manually update it as the project moves forward as DocBoss does this for you in the background.

When you begin each project with DocBoss, you upload:

1.  A Bill of Materials (or line items in the order)
2.  Customer Supplied Vendor Document Requirements List or VDR.

DocBoss then automatically builds the complete (perfect) document register and maintains it for you everytime a change is made. Key points regarding how DocBoss manages your document register:

  1. Tag lists are a thing of the past: Because your tag data is uploaded as part of the order information, DocBoss automatically detects the appropriate tag list for every document.
  2. Orders change: Because your register is now connected to your order information, DocBoss can update the document requirements as the order changes. We identify the new documents which are now required, and the old documents which should be marked as obsolete. Of course, we only identify the changes – you get to confirm or ignore them.
  3. Merge Registers: while we identify everything upfront, you will receive some documents which satisfy more than one register. The user simply connects as many registers as required to a single document, while DocBoss does the work on the back end. DocBoss merges those registers, and changes the internal register status to identify what happened (see next bullet on keeping customers in the know).
  4. Keep your Customer in the Know: As you progress through your order, the register may change. With DocBoss, once your customer is aware of a certain register, we track it through to the end of the project. We mark them with internal statuses if they become merged, obsolete, or not required.
  5. Real Time Reporting: As you submit and receive documents, there is an impact to the status (and history) of your documents. All of these changes are tracked by DocBoss automatically so you don’t need to update your register. You (and your customer) always have a real time view into all document status and history.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.