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Many companies we speak with refer to how project documentation continues to increase in terms of both the amount of documentation provided and the customization required.

Some businesses already have a good handle on document control so it’s not a major issue. They already have a system in place that works for them.

For others, they might be involved in a line of business where documentation requirements are straight forward. Some industries and projects simply don’t have a major documentation requirement that causes trouble.

We’ve yet to hear from a business that suggests that documentation is easier to provide than it used to be. If you provide engineering documentation to customers at the end of projects, chances are that you provide more documentation and increasingly have to customize it for individual customers than you used to.

When you add in specifics related to dealing with tag lists, document codes and other metadata, custom databooks, transmittals and the like, document control becomes an increasingly time-consuming and frustrating endeavor.

How can you do document control better and with less manual work on your part?

Focused largely on tagged equipment, DocBoss minimizes the manual work required to deliver project documentation. With a unique solution which creates and links the document register to the order data, DocBoss systematically creates document metadata (including document specific tag lists).

We then use this data, (along with a heavy dose of document management and document formatting magic), to comply with document submission specifications. The DocBoss system appends customer specific cover sheets to every document, includes all relevant metadata (including tag lists), tracks approval status, location, transaction history and due dates.

Finally, it creates every document compilation (record books, shipping dossiers etc.) required for the job.

No servers to buy, no software to install. Just point your browser to and start submitting your vendor documents. Also because DocBoss was built for your industry there is no development to make it work for you. Everything is ready to go.

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