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end userWe’ve referenced a number of articles this year that refer to predicted trends in 2016 and beyond in document control and document management. Typically these articles refer to the increase in cloud-based computing and mobility, the growing importance of security and the increased need to be able to collaborate and share information.

In the article Six document management trends in 2016 published by Xerox, author Ronnie Oeschger brings up one key trend often ignored by other trend predictions, namely having an End-user focus:

Technology as a whole, including document management tools, is increasingly focusing on the end user, leading to a greater emphasis on usability, convenience and control.

From our perspective, DocBoss needs to satisfy two “end users” or stakeholders:

DocBoss users

Our customers expect DocBoss to be usable and convenient and an app that gives them control over their documentation work, allowing them to provide it in a customized format that meets their customers’ requirements. Which brings us to the second stakeholder:

DocBoss recipients

DocBoss customers use DocBoss to provide customized documentation to their customers. So they’re ultimately the end user since they’re the reason DocBoss exists in the first place.

With customers increasingly having more stringent document submittal requirements and more individual, customized requests, a document control application has to serve both of these stakeholders, something that non-document control specific off-the-shelf apps don’t do.