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Tagged equipment is the lowest level of tagging on a project. We’re referring specifically to instrumentation, valves, cables and electrical equipment for example. In DocBoss, we refer to these as minor tags.

If you work in fabrication or produce skids or packages, you’ll be familiar with the second level of tagging, namely skid vessel package tags which we refer to as major tags.

With minor tags, we can easily manage them through the auto creation process where DocBoss automatically creates your minor tags for you.

Due to the sheer variability between customer codes and designer decisions, it’s virtually impossible to auto create drawing registers with major tags. Thus, we must add the registers manually.

With DocBoss, we offer an optional module for EDD (Engineering and Design Documents) and major tags to help you with this work.

The EDD module allows users to upload lists of the steel components (with corresponding heat and tag numbers) into a “steel” area in the order detail section. DocBoss will then identify (across the entire order) the required Mill Test Reports (MTRs), allow you to link them from the library, and automatically create MTR packages (containing all required heats) per tag (and autolink them to the MTR registers).

Without this module, you would simply continue to create the MTR packages outside of DocBoss (generally done by the quality department), and upload the MTR package per tag. This module is often underused (initially), as the heats/tag/component data must be available, the source MTR files need to be loaded into the library, and it involves a department which is typically distinct from document control (it reduces work for quality department).

Check out the DocBoss Comparisons page to learn more about how we can help with your tagged products, MTRs, and more.