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docboss-release-updateAs we move into March, the newest round of DocBoss functionality has arrived. With this release, we focus on actions, dates and customer / project setup.

Key items in this release

  • Introduction of filters for the outstanding actions grid, including a new stand alone grid in the multi project area.
  • Auto-set customer due dates based on the completion date of the previous stage.
  • Set default values for document codes (level, stage etc) in the source document code list. Inherit them to the project.

Other items include the ability to edit due/expected dates directly in the status grid, two custom date fields on the project setup screen, and the option to transmit any doc to any sub-supplier.

To see the full release notes, click here. The newbies will arrive in your systems over the next 2 weeks!

Also, if you missed the goodies in our December release, we added a number of new features related to submittals, compilations, templates and more. You can view those notes here.

Happy Controlling,

Brad Bowyer