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Think of DocBoss as your own personal document control assistant.

Think of DocBoss as your own personal document control assistant.

We’ve talked in the past how you can add structure to document control with DocBoss especially in the case where you are new to document control or where you really don’t have documented or formalized processes to turn to.

In particular, if document control is a manual process and is time-consuming and frustrating, automating processes you’re currently doing manually can help save time, reduce errors, and make both you and your customers happier with the documentation you’re providing.

Quality Magazine published an article called The Benefits of Automating Your Document Control Process that discusses 8 such benefits and how automating your work addresses each one. Revisions, reporting and data security are three of the topics discussed that most document controllers usually want to know up front regarding any document control system they’d consider using.

A second document control-related article in Quality Magazine entitled 7 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Document Control Process takes a different route by explaining how you an app can benefit your document control work when compared to doing in manually. While several of the benefits are the same as in the first article, it also introduces some new benefits you may not have thought of.