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DocBoss enables you to handle all outgoing documents to your customers while also managing incoming documents that they send or return to you. Here are some recent additions that DocBoss customers all have access to.

Outgoing Submittals

Our document control research shows how customers prefer to receive submittals. We offer the ability to send documents in a customized zip file by email to ensure that it’s received.

Include documents as zip in email notification


Note 1: The FTP (the hyperlink option) is more secure, and validates receipt.

Note 2: If your customer’s system has a file size limit, the email may simply be blocked. You may not receive any notification that they did not receive the files (this is managed on the customers side, not by DocBoss).

Add your logo into the email transmittal template

Assign a different cover page to any document code. Generally valuable with translations when you need the language specific cover page to be applied to the language specific card. Or – if the document list has a different cover page.

Upload files on email pop up. If your customer wants you to take a screenshot of the uploaded submittal, and submit as part of your email, you can now add files directly to the outgoing email.

Incoming documents

Manage cover page and comment page counts from bulk assign process

Make copies of files directly in the incoming file list. In some cases, you must submit same file more than once. Now you can just make the copy of the file in the incoming files area (vs uploading the document a second time).