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If you could do one thing better in your business in 2018, what would it be? As 2018 begins to gather steam, it’s interesting to take a look at some of the predictions that the experts anticipate will be predominant this year.

Many of the predicted top trends for 2018 revolve around a greater movement towards automation, artificial intelligence and the like and the continued movement away from bricks and mortar businesses like traditional retail.

Business intelligence remains a growth area as cloud computing and big data continue to move to the forefront while Excel spreadsheets and other old school technologies slowly get replaced by more modern ones.

As project documentation becomes more technical and as customers become more demanding, you might be wondering how you can automate documentation tasks to better supply your customers with what they require.

DocBoss enables you to automate a number of tasks that document controllers previously had to do manually. You can prepare final data books with automatically populated bookmarks, links, and indices. You can also manage timelines with dashboard alerts and automated reminder emails.

All in, DocBoss enables document controllers to take documentation work to the next level to properly and easily meet your customers’ expectations as their demands increase over time.