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How Manual Is Your Document Control Work?

I recently had a conversation with a potential customer about their document control work and one of their (growing) problems is the (increasingly) manual nature of their work. In particular, they mentioned that they have a new customer who requires custom headers on each outgoing document that he must add manually. The documents are then sent to the customer for approval, at which point the customer adds a custom number to the document and sends the document back for further work.

This is only referring to headers too. We could also be talking about custom footers, cover pages and the like so you can imagine how much manual work is involved in large projects where significant customization is required.

Plus, if you are the only person doing the work, it can become very cumbersome and difficult to keep up with especially if this year ends up being busier than last and you might like to get ahead of the curve and be ready for an uptick in business.

DocBoss can automate all of these processes and more. If you must complete custom databooks or record books at the end of projects, DocBoss can help with those too. DocBoss also builder your document register automatically and keeps it updated during the project.

How else can you decide if DocBoss is right for you?

If you tag products, work with a bill of materials (or similar) system and are finding document control work is becoming very customer-specific and customized, DocBoss might be right for you.

Contact us to learn more and ask us how we can help with your document control work.