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Edit Equipment List
As projects progress, often there are changes which happen to required equipment. DocBoss supports those and helps you manage the changes to your document cards.

Why does DocBoss monitor changes to equipment?

All Auto-Generated cards are directly linked to the equipment. When equipment changes, so too do the cards.

These changes happen automatically, in the background.

Here’s how to do it:

Navigate to Equipment List

Project Hub > Equipment: Equipment List

How to change equipment data

Make Edits in Grid

In the grid, as you make edits, DocBoss will identify cells you have changed with a red flag in the cell. These are UNSAVED changes. If you leave the screen they will be lost.


Be sure to click SAVE at the bottom of the grid once you are finished.

Via CSV/Excel Upload (or Synchronization)

  1. If you are managing the DocBoss data via CSV or Excel, you can export the existing data and edit, and upload.
  2. If your organization has implemented a link with their order management system, you can click the synchronize button.


Process Changes

Once you have clicked save, DocBoss gives you a final chance to review changes prior to processing

  1. Review Changes: Every changed row will display a notifier indicating the number of values changed in the line. When a user clicks on the notification, the list of changes (on that row) will be displayed.
  2. Start Processing: Once all changes have been made, the user must click the process changes button. This will start the review of any card impact resulting from the equipment changes.



If there has been a change made, and there are other fields that contain the same original data, DocBoss will give you the option to change those as well.

In the example above we changed Item/Model “XXX” to “XXXYY”, after we saved and processed the change we get the following suggestion.


Note the suggested lines are displayed in the grid. You have two options,

  • Yes, make the change: This will change make the change for all line items suggested
  • No, do what I said: This will only make the specific change you applied and the rest will be left as they are

Not Done Yet! 

Now that these changes have been accepted and processed, you need to look at and provide instruction for the cards that have been affected due to these changes. See the articles linked below for more direction.

Equipment List history of changes

DocBoss stores a history of changes made to items in the equipment list. It records the change, the user, and timestamp to enable reconstruction of events. To view the history of each line in the equipment list, click on the History icon under tools.



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