Select Page
DocBoss ensures your customers receive and access the documentation you send them.

DocBoss enables the user to select individual pages from a larger PDF and assign them to separate cards.

Select and assign

1 & 2. Select the pages to include in the assign from the thumbnail viewer. Multiple pages can be selected.

  1. The selected pages will have a yellow border.
  2. As you drag the pages across to the card list, the number of selected pages is identified in a drag tip.

Once you release the drag, a new file will be created. You will see a warning while the file is being created.

During this time the SAVE icon will be greyed. Once the processing has completed – the new file will appear in the viewer, and the save icon will be enabled.

Upon return to the incoming submittal screen – notice that the assigned pages have been grouped into a green accordion.

  1. You can expand the accordion to view the assignments.
  2. You can UNDO the assignment. This will reverse the assign, and make the pages available to reassignment.
  3. You can REMOVE any page of a document. If you are not going to assign a page, it must be removed to allow the file to be marked as complete.
  4. You can rotate pages from the viewer.

Progress of Individual Page Assignment

If any pages of a file have been individually assigned, all pages must be processed. The entire file will remain in the “unassigned” tab until EVERY page has either been assigned or removed.

  1. Number of pages in the file
  2. Number of pages which have been assigned
  3. Number of pages which have been removed.