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A recent article entitled 5 Document Management Trends to Watch for 2018 referred to how “ease of collaboration” will continue to be of paramount of importance in documentation moving forward:

Collaboration and teamwork make the world go ‘round. In many offices, email is the go-to tool for collaborating on documents. However, email quickly becomes confusing and unwieldy for teams who are trying to keep track of version control and edits. The best digital document solutions have solved the collaboration conundrum, making it easy for teams to manage, organize and revise their files seamlessly.

If you are a global company or simply have multiple locations working on projects together, you already know how difficult and frustrating it can be to figure out the latest document version while also keeping track of who made the most recent changes.

Tracking changes – and even controlling who makes changes to documents – is something that is typically not offered with many non-document control specific applications such as Microsoft Excel.

DocBoss enables you to manage – on a project by project basis – who has access to view and make changes to projects and also enables you to monitor these changes over time.

Plus you can access multiple reports to keep track of your project and know exactly where each document is in the process at any given time, among other things.