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Release notification

DocBoss has released our latest update for January 2021 which is now available for all customers. Below is a quick overview of the changes. The link at the bottom takes you to full release notes with more detail.


DocBoss now allows eSignatures to be applied to outgoing documents in 2 forms: System applied (Hidden) and User applied (Visible).

Email sending from custom domain

To avoid having emails marked as spam by recipients, DocBoss has always encouraged the use of SPF records on the custom/user domain.

We have now added a second step in the fight against email validation by enabling the DKIM protocol. Your IT department should now enable both DKIM and SPF, and ensure your customers recognize DocBoss as a legitimate sender of emails on your behalf. This will greatly increase the likelihood of safe email delivery.

You can read the full release notes by clicking here. Release notes include links to more specific details with screen shots of the new features and benefits.