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Manage Users Within DocBossAdmin users can manage their instance’s user list from the Manage Users screen.

From the Instance Menu, select Manage Users to navigate here.



Manage Users


From the Manage Users screen, admin users can:

  1. Manually initiate the sending of outstanding action report
  2. View whether Extended Support is available, and how many Technical Support users are assigned/available
  3. View the number of available/used licenses for the instance
  4. Add users
  5. View existing users
  6. Edit user permissions
  7. Edit user settings
  8. Designate the Commercial Contact (the user responsible for the contract with DocBoss)
  9. Designate users with Technical Support access

The user list can be filtered by affiliates. The filtering can be applied based on primary affiliate, project access, or library access to the selected affiliate.


Licenses per affiliate

For information about license allotment per affiliates, see this article.

Add/Edit users

Information about adding, editing, and reactivating users is available here.

User permissions

Information about setting/managing user permissions is available here.