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DocBoss is happy to announce our most recent release update for March 2020 that is available to all DocBoss customers. Here are the highlights:


Upon receiving the return of a DocBoss created package, users can now automate the re-allocation of each document to is original card. 


We’ve made numerous additions to the DocBoss Workflow functionality and have specifically added features to Incoming Docs, Stages and Manage Recurring Submittals.

Output Documents

You can now bookmark the cover page on outgoing documents by changing setting on their projects. We’ve also made changes to the SDI Report XLS Variables.


We’ve made additions to make bulk actions on codes easier to accomplish. We’ve also added page numbering editing functionality and we’ve also changed some of the screen formatting to better manage included in / secondary codes in compilation Table of Contents.

There are a number of other release additions that are now live for all DocBoss customers. You can read the full release notes (and all past release notes) along with screenshots by clicking here.