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Processing Returned Files from Customer In DocBossProcessing returned files from a customer is just one aspect of document routing within DocBoss.

All returned files from a customer shall be assigned to a card and processed with return status and routing actions.

When a document is returned in a complete status (like Code 1 or Code A), there are no further actions required. See what does stage complete mean.

But when a document is code 2 (With comments, Rejected, etc.) and status is not completed, an action is required.



Options to process a document returned with comments or rejected, are to send the file by email to a sub-supplier or to internal (if they are not DocBoss users) and there is also the option to choose a routing to a DocBoss user which can be directly processed in the system:

1. Queue for Submittal Sub-Supplier/Internal

If queue for submittal is selected to “Sub-Supplier” or to “Internal” the document will be moved to > Outgoing Submittals > Sub-Supplier/Internal grid waiting for transmittal.





2. Internal (User) Routing

If a routing is selected the document will be moved to the “Outstanding Actions” area where the selected users can review the commented file, upload a new revision and include comments.



When selecting the routings, there is also the possibility to assign routing to multiple people for each role:

– Each user appears in a removable block.

– Click the drop down to add more users to the routing.

The roles are sequential reviews and all users must complete the review for it to proceed to the next role

If an action is not assigned, we assume there is no action required, and that you want the document to be reissued to the customer. Therefore the document will be placed in the Outgoing Submittals > Pending Submittal to Customer grid waiting for the transmittal.

We give a warning when there is no action assigned, to give a second chance to act on the card.



If you wish to read more about Internal User Routing options have a look at our articles about: Internal Approval CycleDocument WorkflowComplete an Outstanding Action and Assign an Action.