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Are you required to retain important project documents and other records for legal or other reasons?

Depending on the number of projects you run and the size of each, the amount of paperwork you produce can quickly become very cumbersome and difficult to organize.

When you use manual methods for document control, record retention can also become very time-consuming and in the case of a paper-based system, expensive to store.

How much office space does your past project documentation currently take up?

How much do you spend to safely and securely destroy any old paper documentation that you no longer require?

Can you quickly locate documentation if a customer asks for it or if you’re asked by someone in your own company to produce it?

Plus, whose job is it to actually take care of this task in the first place? What happens if certain documents are destroyed, misplaced or otherwise lost and no one knows where to find them?

With DocBoss, you can safely and securely store your documents electronically on our system and can always download a copy to keep on your own servers at any time you like. If you’re required to retain project documentation for a period of time, DocBoss will help you do this easily and without the costs and time associated with hard copies of each document.

Of course, DocBoss enables you to print your documentation any time you need it but in the meantime, it’s safely stored in the cloud for when you require it.

Plus, DocBoss includes a library feature that enables you to store frequently-used documents so that you can easily retrieve them for multiple projects whenever they are required. Again, these are all stored electronically in the cloud.

How does this compare to your current documentation storage methods?