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Returned Pages

Computers don’t get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. We can generally rely upon them to apply a certain checking process to our documents and let us know if they find a discrepancy.

We can pick up the job from there and use our time more effectively by correcting only those items the computer checked for us and found to be in error.

The ‘Returned Pages Check’ in DocBoss is one such routine check. It permits DocBoss to ensure that the number of pages (excluding cover pages) in a returned document for reattachment to the project is the same as the total number of information pages sent in the original document transmission.

Although the proper number of cover pages is important, the actual information content page count of a document can change based upon the extent of changes made to it by the review process. Occasionally, we will see a document returned to us after review with more or fewer information pages in it and it is necessary to find these discrepancies so they and correct them.

If there is a discrepancy, DocBoss will now display a message similar to the following, “The document being attached has X pages. The document you sent to your vendor has XX pages. Please click the attach button again to ignore this warning.” The overriding action here is that DocBoss attaches the document and the “CP” and DocBoss changes total pages numbers for the document accordingly.