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Piggie in the middle. Not my favorite game as a child.

Well, only when I was in the middle.

But as a supplier of process equipment, that is often the role you are paid to play. Someone has to bridge the hardened format of the manufacturer with the ardent demands of the local EPC or end-user.

One of our customers called us a little while ago faced with a problem. The drawings they had received from their sub-supplier had the sub-supplier document number in the title block.

Now of course as a supplier, you assign your own document numbers to every document. You have to otherwise you could end up in a situation where you have duplicate numbers or where you have no numbers at all.

But no matter!

The engineering company was adamant that the number showing on the document must be the document number from the supplier.

Enter the sub-supplier override, a handy feature of DocBoss. We have long supported the ability to record a sub-supplier document number (and engineering number and end user number) for every register. Now, if such a requirement exists on your projects and you enable the feature for a specific document code, DocBoss will pass the sub-supplier number through as if it were your own document number.

Now you can deliver to this new requirement without another thought.