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Adept by Synergis Software is a document management application with some document control functionality that is used by engineering companies to handle their documents and CAD drawings.

The nuts and bolts of document control is well executed in Adept. The creation and control of documents inside an organization is a core function of the system, and I’m sure they do that beautifully.

Of specific interest for companies on the supply/fabrication side of the process control industry: Synergis gives a list of the top 10 challenges for Engineering Data & Document Management:

The top 10 challenges list from Adept. Click here for PDF version or here for the webpage.

  1. Find Any Document
  2. Secure Your Information
  3. Version Control
  4. Industry Compliance
  5. Engineering Change Process
  6. Handling Multi-CAD Files
  7. Share and Collaborate
  8. Access for Non-CAD Users
  9. Fast, Easy Transmittals
  10. Smart Naming Convention


It is very clear that the focus of the software is internal document control, workflow and management. It is a fantastic solution for large scale document control. But that stops short for suppliers of equipment in the process industry. The Adept software alters at exactly the point where DocBoss shines:

  • Executing the submission protocols of the client.
  • Defining vendor data requirements.
  • Tracking the submissions and current customer assigned statues.
  • Delivering databooks/compilations.
  • Using customer doc codes.

Things you can’t do with Adept:

  • apply custom, customer supplied front sheets to EVERY document (plus header/footers etc..)
  • use custom, customer supplied transmittal sheets
  • use custom, customer supplied SDI / document list formats
  • create databooks /compilations (in customer specified formats)
  • automate the build of MTR (Material Test Report) packages for each piece of equipment.
  • track customer approval statuses, and history (and report on it) / force workflow on return of unapproved documents.
  • automate the list of required vendor data for a project based on your/customer requirements.
  • automate tag relationships between documents and equipment.
  • manage vendor and customer due dates on documents.
  • start tomorrow.

Note that these items are not a gap in the Adept software. The focus of the software is not the same, which is why DocBoss is a perfect Adept companion solution. DocBoss has been designed specifically for the submittal, tracking, reporting and packaging of document submittals for supplied of tagged equipment. Specifically in the process industry.

DocBoss is not document management software, and while we offer some control and workflow components (for customers without a full featured control system) our entire focus is simplifying the exchange of documents in a project setting.

Talk to us about using DocBoss as your submission/vendor data solution, while keeping all of the document control and workflow functions you rely on in Adept.