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What Are The Most Important Key Performance Indicators For Document Controllers?What are the most important performance indicators do your document control staff follow and how do you track them?

The most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for document controllers may vary based on the specific organization and industry, but some common KPIs include:

  1. Timely delivery of documents.
  2. Accuracy and completeness of document information including rework.
  3. Compliance with document control processes and procedures.
  4. Efficiency and effectiveness of document management systems and tools.
  5. Feedback and satisfaction from stakeholders.
  6. Reduction in document-related errors and rework.
  7. On-time completion of document control tasks.
  8. Time spent on document control activities.

It’s important for document controllers to establish KPIs that align with the organization’s goals and priorities to effectively measure and track their performance.

DocBoss tracks your KPIs for you

DocBoss has created a report to easily track and view document controllers KPI’s. In the report you will find information which you can filter by date, User, Project ID, Sales Order/Quote number, Project, incoming Assignments (from Customer, Sub-Supplier, and 3rd party), as well as Uploads via Outstanding Actions.

Simply navigate to: Settings>Reports>Assignment Activity (By User)


Choose your date range


View and filter the report as desired.


Click here to learn more about standard reporting features with DocBoss that can help you get a better handle on document control.