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Enable Affiliate Permissions for a UserAffiliate companies can be created in DocBoss if you need to set different outputs based on internal companies. This will allow you to use different Code List/Names on output documents as well as various general default settings.

Currently only the outgoing email address, but other settings from the general admin area will be added in future.

For customers with affiliates enabled, user access to projects and libraries can be configured per affiliate.

Only admin users have permission to add or edit users.


New users

When adding a new user to the system, the System Access section of their user profile will not show affiliates during initial setup. The only options available regarding system access during this stage are Email and Role.


Complete the user’s profile information and select Save.

By default, new users will have access to all affiliate projects and libraries (if their role has access to libraries) to which the user who added them has access. To limit access to specific affiliates, follow the instructions below for existing users.


Existing users

From the Settings gear, navigate to Users > Manage Users.



Under the appropriate user, select the Edit icon from the Tools column in the grid.



Scroll down to the System Access section of the user’s profile and select the arrow on the right to expand it. Under the Affiliate Settings heading, (1) the user’s default affiliate can be updated, (2) the user’s access to projects can be enabled/disabled per affiliate, and (3) the user’s library access can be enabled/disabled per affiliate.



  • If an admin user does not have access to a particular affiliate, they will not be able to grant either themselves or other users access to it.
  • If an admin user removes their own access to an affiliate, they will not be able to add it back after they have selected the Save button. Another admin user with access to the required affiliate(s) will need to grant them access again.
  • If a user is granted Project Access permission for an affiliate, they will automatically be provided Library Access for that affiliate as well.