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vendor_userWorking with vendor documents is usually a time-consuming and manual process that increases the chances of duplication of effort and mistakes. Whether you are a supplier who submits documents to your customers or an EPC who receives them, vendor documents are undoubtedly a time-consuming aspect of your documentation work.

And vendor document requirements are often the first step in the process.

What exactly are we talking about when we refer to vendor document requirements?

From the website:

Purchasers often define the type of documents that vendors must supply as part of the supply contract. The Vendor Document Requirements (or VDR) is the list of those document types. Each line typically includes a document code, description, and delivery timeline (e.g. 10 days after order). The VDR will also identify which codes should appear in document compilations like manufacturing record books, shipping dossiers and the like.

Note that while we use the term Vendor Document Requirements (VDR), this list goes by many names. Supplier Document Requirements (SDR), Seller Data and Drawing Requirements (SDDR), Vendor Data and Document Requirements (VDDR). Supplier Document Requirement List (SDRL), etc.

Whether you’re a supplier who receives vendor documents at the beginning of a project from your customer(s) or if you’re an EPC who must supply them to your vendors, DocBoss can help you save time, decrease errors and reduce the work involved with managing vendor documentation.