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Aside from the important features surrounding security and functionality, a common feedback point we hear is the support aspect DocBoss provides. Whether you are working with a regular client and you want to streamline your processes using DocBoss, or if you’ve recently started working with a new client and you want to ensure you are in compliance with their requirements, DocBoss support can help you set up your EPC project to meet the requirements.

Support at DocBoss not only means we are here to help with technical issues, but we are also here to help you setup your project based on your particular client’s requirements. We can help you understand your client’s vendor data and document requirements (VDDR), as well as ensure the system is setup to automate your document submittals. With our experienced team we can take you step-by-step throughout the project setup to ensure no detail is missed so that you can meet or exceed your client’s document expectations.

This brings up another point that I feel sets DocBoss apart from competitors. The fact that there is someone to help you along. Many users, especially when new to a Document Control system may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to get the system to do what they need it to, and this is very discouraging. At DocBoss we of course provide initial training and ongoing support, but our support goes far beyond the basics. With DocBoss, support is just an email or call away. So, if you ever catch yourself starting at the screen unsure of where to go or what to do next, feel free to reach out and we’ll help you get back on track.

What can you do next?

Check out the online DocBoss support website for helpful tips, tricks and videos. You might find that DocBoss helps to automate many of the tasks you’re having trouble with.

You can also contact us directly and tell us about your document control challenges and we can respond with how DocBoss can help.