DocBoss enables you to customize virtually any aspect of your document control work to meet the specific requirements of your EPC customers. You can also customize the inputs as required to meet these requirements.How Challenging Is Customized Documentation Work For You?

You can add custom fields to your cards. Here’s how to create and manage them in DocBoss.

How to create a Card Field

The initial set up of the custom Doc Code / Card Field must be done by an Admin User. Once created, they can be enabled or disabled on any project.


  • Field Type: This is how you will enter the information into the custom column
    • Text- Simple text field for entry by users.
    • Checkbox- Yes/No field
    • List- Only specific values can be selected. The list can be a pre-existing user list, or a list you create (custom list). For more information on using lists see our article here.
  • Field Settings:
    – Make the field available as a variable to use inside other fields. e.g. use the data from this field inside the header/footer.
  • Allow manage via Project Fields Template: Let user enable/disable the field on a project by project basis. (See below)
  • Field on project forms:
    • – Display (and allow editing) of this field in the assign (or actions) scroll in screens.


How to enable the Card Field on your project

Once the Custom Fields have been created, you must enable them on the project using the Project Fields Template.

Navigate – Project Hub > (Set Up) Project Fields TemplateScroll to “Doc Code/Card Fields”

This will list all Custom Columns that have been created at the admin level. Now you can Enable or Disable accordingly to meet your project requirements.


Once you have made the changes, you can leave as is and columns will be applied to your project accordingly. You also have the option to “Save as New Template” or Overwrite Currently Selected Template. By saving the template, (new or overwrite) it will allow you to select for future projects so that you do not have to modify manually each time.

Where you will see your custom column.

In the screen above it shows the “Document Comments” enabled. So lets see where you would find this field on your project.


Card List


Assign(Edit) roll in screen 


Outstanding Actions



If you can not find the column on a specific grid, be sure that it is enabled to view.

1. Mouse over any column Header and click the down arrow
2. Scroll across the word “columns” until the selections become visible.
3. Anything that is checked off will appear in your grid. (Clicking on  mceclip0.png will bring that column to the far left of the grid)