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DocBoss can put your logos on any generated template, whether a cover page or transmittal. (You can also test cover pages in any document, too)

There are 2 “Instance” logos that can be uploaded to the system. These are logos specific to your company. 


Instance Logo

This is generally used when a logo is required in a specific place on a document. Recommended width is 450px

Instance Letterhead Logo

This image can be used in your templates when you want to cover more information than just your logo. It is used in places where the image should stretch across the entire header of the document (and act as letterhead).

Most notably, our default transmittals use this image as their letterhead. Suggested width is 1400px.

DocBoss helps you customize submittals to meet whatever your EPC client requires. Contact us regarding the stringent requirements you’re having trouble meeting and we can discuss how DocBoss can help.