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Search Cloud Computing published an interesting article detailing 3 mistakes that those who deploy cloud-based technologies were bound to make in 2015. Really though, these are mistakes that still apply today and will continue to do so moving forward.

The article lists the three most common mistakes as follows:

1. Making security, governance and performance an afterthought

2. Limiting your public cloud to the most popular platforms

3. Lacking the right talent

You can read the article for a full explanation of each but from our perspective, we can summarize the three points as follows:


While security is generally the fear that many bring up when considering the cloud, the fact is that these days cloud-based apps can offer security that is as good if not better than what your own company provides.

In fact recent studies have shown that mistake #3 – lacking the right talent – is the one that companies fear the most. Again, this is only a concern if you’re building the cloud-based application yourself and require your own internal staff to maintain it.

If you choose an externally provided application, security is something that is taken care of for you which can be a big positive if your company’s own security policies are lax, which many are.

Cloud options

Keep in mind of course that not everyone who uses cloud-based apps has to actually deploy the app, since many cloud computing services such as DocBoss are hosted for you eliminating this problem.

But if you are considering deploying a cloud-hosted service yourself it is worth noting the possible pitfalls while also understanding the difference between hosting one yourself versus having someone else do it for you.

Cloud-based options include building your own app, using an externally provided third party app or a hybrid approach where you utilize a combination of the two. Increasingly, many companies are using the hybrid option and find it easier and more effective to only build what they can and rely on an existing externally built app for the remainder.

Lacking the talent to build/maintain the cloud

As is stated in the article, the “right” platform for you could either be a self-hosted or externally hosted one, depending on your situation:

The right cloud platform is based on your application and business requirements. And, in some cases, a mix of cloud types — and vendor brands — will best meet your needs.

As is with the case with DocBoss, the only thing you need to worry about is actually using it since the build part has already been taken care of and the maintenance part is something we handle on an ongoing basis.