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costsHow much does a software purchase and implementation actually cost when everything is accounted for?

When we consider the cost of software, the software doesn’t suddenly become bought and paid for once you’ve cut the check and start using it.

Krugle Resources suggests that their research shows that code maintenance can cost 55%-75%+ of the development budget. Software maintenance, add-ons and upgrades are ongoing costs that can escalate if you realize once the software is live that there are pieces missing or nice-to-haves that should be standard.

Add in additional costs if you have to roll out the software across disparate locations around the world in different languages and with different local legal considerations ie. local regulations.

Additionally, there is an ongoing cost to your IT department or whoever is tasked with maintaining the software. Providing support and doing all the above-mentioned developmental tasks takes time and thus costs you money especially if the answer(s) isn’t readily at hand.

DocBoss is a hosted application so aspects of software development that normally exist – the actual development of the software, maintenance, upgrades, patches and ongoing functionality additions – are all part of the service provided. Plus, there is no sunk cost as normally occurs with off the shelf software

Finally, being a cloud application, all you need is your browser to login and use DocBoss anywhere in the world.

All of these costs – both current and future – result in you wanting to know what your return is. Normally when one thinks of the cost effectiveness of a software application or other expenditure we think in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) offered.

What about considering it in terms of Return on Use (ROU)? In other words, what level of usage do you experience, how does it improve your processes, how does it save you time (and money), make your customers happier and enable you to get paid quicker (reduction of holdbacks)? What value is there to all of these factors?

With that in mind, check out the DocBoss homepage to learn more about how we can help you get a better handle on document control.