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Users of different groups, project types or affiliates may wish to have different default settings apply to new compilations and packages.

DocBoss uses presets to define various setting defaults for NEW compilations and packages created on a given project.

Presets are defined on the project template, and once the project is created, the defaults for that project live on the project. You cannot re-select  and apply a new preset for the project – you must change the presets on the project.

Once the compilation or package has been created, any adjustment must be made directly to the layout – the users cannot re-apply preset values.

Create (and use) Presets

  1. Navigate to Compil. & Pkg Presets (List) in the System menu.
  2. Choose to create either a compilation or package preset.
  3. Name your preset, and set the default values according to your requirements.
  4. Save the preset.
  5. Open a project template and select the desired preset for both compilations and packages.

Update Preset Values (on the project)

Once a project has started, the user change the presets in use on that project. These changes are made on the preset screen (on the project). Note that it is not possible to select a new preset from the system level once a project has started.

However, if the preset owner is making changes, they will be asked whether they want to apply the changes to the system level preset (which will ensure the new preset values are set as defaults on the future projects)

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