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We recently redesigned the DocBoss website and one of the newest additions to the site is the DocBoss comparison page.

This page (see screenshot above) is a very detailed overview of how DocBoss compares as a document control tool to its main competitors, one (or more) of which you might currently be using or considering for your documentation work:

  • EDMS (Electronic Document Management System)
  • CAD/Design Software
  • Sharepoint

The webpage specifically discusses the following 7 aspects of documentation and how DocBoss and the other options address each one:

Workflow: Making/Receiving Submittals

How does each option address workflow and the creation and receiving of submittals between you and your customers?


How does each option help you create custom databooks and compilations for your customers at the end of projects?

Formatting and Tracking

How does each option address custom numbering, custom document codes, and other customer-specific requirements that might change for each of your customers?


How can you use each option to track your projects over time right down to user level, KPIs (key performance indicators) and more?

Manage/Create Cards

How effectively does each option enable you to manage, link and support various document lists, tags and more?

Workflow – Card Lifecycle

Can you use issue purposes (IFA/IFC/As-built) and change them as needed?

Workflow – Internal

Internal documents, vendor documents, routing, tracking timelines and more. How does each option help you address each?

Check out the DocBoss Comparison page to learn about how DocBoss can help you with the document control issues you might be facing currently and how other options compare.