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Last week we spoke about how DocBoss helps you assemble custom databooks for your customers at the end of projects. Since then we had a few nice comments from customers regarding what they like about the DocBoss databooks features.

Several customers have recently mentioned the positive comments they’ve received from their customers regarding the quality of the databooks they now submit using the DocBoss compilations feature for custom databooks creation.

The overall appearance of the databooks with proper sections and bookmarking is what makes our books stand out. They look very professionally done and give off the appearance that a lot of leg work was done to get them to look that way. Only you the DocBoss user will know that you didn’t spend nearly as much time on them as a reader might think.

When we did our Supplier vs EPC document control survey, something that stood out was that 33% of process equipment suppliers suggested that creating project databooks and cover sheets is one of the major EPC-driven documentation challenges that they experience.

Increasingly, we find that their customers are supplying custom templates for cover sheets, transmittals, and document registers among other things. Perhaps you’re finding the same.

The more document customization that is required at the end of projects, the more manual work you’re likely to do at a cost to your business.

DocBoss on the other hand helps you customize your databooks however your customers like with no more than a few clicks of your mouse. Plus, since you reduce the chance of holdbacks at the end projects you can get paid quicker by submitting documentation correctly the first time without need for rework on your part.

Check out this short video on the DocBoss compilations features that enables you to automatically create custom databooks that meet your customers’ requirements the first time rather than doing this work manually.