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Handling Customized Databooks With EaseHow difficult and time-consuming is it to provide custom databooks to your customers? As submittal packages grow in size and customization the time spent on them increases accordingly. Your current document control processes might no longer suffice as a result.

As how you do handle the increasing number of staff working from home remotely while still ensuring that all projects run smoothly and documentation is properly managed and accounted for?

That’s where DocBoss can help.

Specifically, here is how DocBoss can help your customized databook work and make it easier to perform regardless of where your staff are located.


You can generate databooks according to customer specifications. 

– Sections/subsections with title pages 

Hyperlinks and Bookmarks in customer defined pattern (i.e. Doc Number / Rev / Title / Tag) 

– Allow sub sections in databooks for separate equipment 

– Generate a separate databook for each piece of equipment (or shipment, or facility) from a single databook layout 

– Edit databook layout via drag/drop (included codes) 

– Option to include/exclude project coversheet on final databook. 

– Option to add pages to databook for N/A or included in document codes 

– Allow different compilations for one project (manufacturers record book, dispatch dossier, quality manual, technical dossier) all with different layouts and different documents included. 

And since DocBoss is a web-based app, your staff can log in from anywhere in the world enabling projects to continue running at all times.