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DocBoss users may now add manual cards to their projects, even when just using the tagged equipment units.

First, ensure the manual card module has been enabled on your project

Add Cards

To add an individual card, click the + in the top right of the card list screen. You can also find this add icon in the assign screen.

Link to Equipment

If the major tags module is enabled, you will be given an option about which type of card you want to create. For major tags, you will just select which major tags to link. 

For Equipment Units, the process is as described below:

  1. Choose Equipment Units
  2. Start step 1. 
  1. Expand Step 1. This is done by default.
  2. Filter the list of items if you wish. This can help jump start the equipment you want to select.
  3. Check the box to the left of each desired unit. If you have filtered the grid in step 2, you might just check “Select all”
  4. Select those units.
  1. Once selected, the items turn grey. If you are editing an existing card, the units already assigned will already be grey.
  2. Start step 2
  3. Review the equipment selected fr this card. If you want, you can remove units.
  4. Once finished, save the changes to units linked to this card.

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