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With DocBoss, you have access to both a templates feature to save commonly used templates for future use, along with our popular compilations feature which enables you to create submittals with a few clicks of your mouse.

You can also use both features together to create source documents. Here’s how:

Step 1: Upload your Template as a Compilation Cover Page.

For instructions on how to upload a template, see our article here.


Step 2: Upload your template as a Document Cover Page (this will produce the Excel version of the data sheet).

Be sure to select the Output in as Excel


Step 3: Set your Cover Page selection in Main.

For the PDF version – choose any cover page you’d like to use for this project – this will be added to the pdf of the data sheet you create. For the CSV/XLS version – select your Document Cover Page that you added above – this will provide you an excel version of the data sheet. Be sure to choose “All Files” to Create Excel cover pages for.Snag_100b37e0.png

Step 4: Add your Code, and set TYPE to “Compilation”

On the Code List,  set the Type for the related code to “Compilation”.

Be sure to select your template, and set the level – in this example the level is “Product Group”, you may want to use “Tag” or another field.


Step 5: Create your Compilation


Step 6: Select the Compilation Cover Page within your compilation


Step 7: Delete the Table of Contents (1) and add the Compilation Cover Page (2)Snag_1001d355.png

It will look like this: Snag_10023ffa.png

Step 8: Link your Doc Code to the compilation


Step 9: Click Re-Generate Compilation and select the data sheets you want to createSnag_1017f077.png

Once the files have been generated they will appear in outgoing submittal, ready to send to your customer! 

You customer will receive something like this: 


Each PDF contains it’s own cover page as well as the PDF version of the data sheet. Also included in the submittal is the Excel version of each data sheet, and of course the transmittal.