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Include Sub-Units as Additional Columns in Unit Upload (Horizontal Layout)Overview

DocBoss now allows a horizontal layout in the files used for equipment list uploads. This feature can save time for users working with units that have multiple components that need to be tracked.

Typically, to include sub-units in an equipment list upload, each unit and sub-unit would have to be on separate lines in the uploaded file. The list of units is arranged vertically:


The horizontal layout allows users who receive their equipment lists in a horizontal format to do less pre-processing of information before uploading the units.


After upload, DocBoss will convert the horizontal layout into the vertical layout used in the equipment list. The line number will be divided to separate each unit and sub-unit (1.a, 1.b, etc.). The result is the same as using the vertical layout to upload, but with DocBoss doing the extra work instead of users.

How to use

From the Project Menu, navigate to the Equipment List screen. Select Export > to Excel from the options below the grid.

Populate the Excel file with the information for the main units. For more information, see the article on adding equipment to DocBoss.

Then, add the sub-units.

  1. For each sub-unit, Item/Model and Sub-Supplier are required fields.
  2. Additional fields can be added as needed. If the information for the sub-unit is different than for the main unit for any field, a column should be added for that field.

Once the equipment list file is complete, upload it into DocBoss. From the Equipment List screen, (1) select Import > from Excel. (2) Select Browse and locate the file. (3) Ensure the checkbox Use horizontal layout is selected, then save.



Rules for building equipment upload lists in horizontal layout:

  • File type must be Excel, not CSV.
  • All required columns must be in the first set of columns.
  • To begin a new set of columns, which will add a new unit, add an additional Item/Model column.
  • Item/Model and Sub-Supplier are mandatory fields for sub-units. Any other fields (except supplier Line No.) can be added to sub-units if desired.
  • Any of information that is not specified in the sub-units will inherit that data from the main unit.
  • When used for sub-units, column headers must be spelled exactly the same (including whether there is an asterisk) as they are in the main unit. If the spelling or inclusion of the asterisk does not match, users will receive an error message (in the Download File with Errors data) that the file had an incorrect number of columns, and the list will not import properly.
  • All columns must be kept in the original order found in the export file. For sub-units, not all columns need to be added, but those that are should be in the same order as for the main units.