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DocBoss release update July 2022DocBoss has released our latest update for July 2022 which is now available for all customers.

This update focuses on the following areas:

  • User options
  • Submittals
  • Obsolete Cards
  • System Menu update
  • Compilation and Package Template
  • Bulk matching
  • Routing
  • Document Codes List

Below are the updates in detail.

User options

– allow admin to define which users can access extended support

– define user responsible for contract


– Allow users to default “Send submittal email notification” for each target (previously applied to ALL targets).

Obsolete cards

– added bulk process option to apply changes in bulk to obsolete cards

System Menu Update

– Update names of some menu items to better reflect their purpose. Re-order some items.

– Consolidate 3 options: Default prices, Ignored Values and Delivery Mediums into one “Other Lists” screen.

Compilation and Package Template

– choose compilation and package presets on project template.

– allow changes on project to be saved back to admin

Bulk matching

– allow filtering/matching based on internal code (vs just primary/customer code)


– Added an “Add to Ad Hoc” checkbox to assign screens.

Document Codes List

– Allow type ahead/search for internal code fields on code list

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